So my name is Kerry and this is my first blog!!!

I have asked many people what kind of blogs do you like to read, the common answer is just ‘real people’ blogs so that exactly how I am going to write my blogs, this one will be slightly longer as its my first, I suppose taking you from the beginning to now I might need to write a book not alone a blog!! So I will try to keep in it a nut shell even though I talk for Britain!

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Smashing Dreams!

Wow so this week has been a big changer.

Have you ever had a goal so big it scared you? Well I have had and still have many, but this week a long time dream was completed and put online ekkkkkk

There is a bit of a story behind this. Many years ago, around 8 years actually Claire, my Sister and I had an idea to try help change as many Women’s lives to a more positive one as possible.

We spent months, and endless hours working together, traveling to one end of the UK to another to meet with different people and using her knowledge MASSIVE ambition and passion to put together a simple platform. We did it BUT what happened we didn’t envisage. NOTHING happened!

We had no idea how to market it, we had a fantastic idea and product with no idea what to do next!

Now I know THEN, wasn’t the right time.

It was a bit emotional when it went online today when Empower You and it has been super exciting working alongside some of the best in the industry, Grant Rutley and Scott Webb.

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Thoughts become things!

Happy Friday 😊 wow where has this week gone? So grabbing my daily thoughts I want to share with you some of this fabulous week.

Starting with my amazing weekend I had in Brisbane. It still blows my mind you have to get a plane for hours to reach somewhere in the same Country! From the little UK its only 7 hours top to bottom in a car! After a red eye flight from Darwin to Brisbane it was too early to get into the hotel so we went and watched the park run! I LOVE watching the community spirit of all abilities panting away on an early Saturday morning.

The rest of the day was filled with my eldest beautiful Daughter Shannon, nothing better than QT with doing what we love best chatting, shopping and eating!

Let’s talk about ‘Thoughts become things’

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The Ugly Truth

Probably the hardest thing to blog is the things that make you feel vulnerable!

Today is probably a great day to open the vulnerability book! Why today? Because this is the day after our Australian Christmas Day, yes on the 2nd December! And this reason for the mega early celebrations is because after 20 years of marriage we now have a split family.

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Born Fearless

Born Fearless

DO you remember the day you were born? Well I struggle to remember last year not alone 44 years ago!

What I do know is all the feelings I have experienced over the years was not pre-programmed in my baby brain the day I was born! The feelings came from experiences I saw, heard, felt growing up.

You are born with nothing but LOVE.

When you start to understand that FEAR is just stuff that can be deleted as quick as its installed you can start to live! Fear is the biggest killer of dreams.

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I’m not holding back here, this is Kerry after 2 sips of red wine on a Saturday night on a mission to get my message out there!

Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, absent, present, past, rude, kind, fakers, users, ex’s, sincerity, moles, true friends, love…..
THANK YOU to you all.

Without your experience in my life, things could have panned out be different! At times I wish some of the experiences had been different, but as I sit here 2 sips in, I’m soooooo incredibly grateful for all of you.

For all you did or continue to do in my life helps me sort those people I wish to be surrounded with and you made me the person I am today.

Maybe one of these will relate to you?….

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Sometimes Change is what we need.

The World has changed beyond recognition from when I was a child.

I remember being fortunate enough to have my own TV as a child. A little black and white with a twizzle button to tune it in, with a massive 3 channels! I write this sat in front of my 75” SMART TV only a small 30 years later.

Internet was something I never heard of in my childhood. It is like the World is coming to an end now when our internet plays up or is in go slow mode!

A giant box on the ear appeared when I was around 15 called the mobile phones!! Well they were for the rich and I just laughed with my friends at the thought of ever having one of them. Now I am shocked if someone doesn’t have one, maybe they dropped it and smashed it hey!

Now look at the World. We have kids in shopping trolleys watching tv on phones with ear devices without a wire!
We have devices for everything, the World is moving at such a rapid pace, I even had a device flying above my head at the beach today, no pilot, or maybe there was, but not in the drone.

You used to have to go to the bank for everything financially! I remember going in with my post office book and newspaper round money. I got a stamp and the amount updated. To spend I would go back in with my book. Now just a tap of a phone with your card code on it is fine! I see even a bank ‘ring’ that you can tap say whaaaaaaat!

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Don’t blame the lettuce!

To truly live you must ride the waves of life.

I’m not talking about surfing, where in Portugal surfers risk their lives to ride 80 mph waves. Where apparently the thrill far outweighs the risk. I will take their word for it! I’m talking about riding the waves of life from decisions we make.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you are drowning?

The good news is you are here reading this, so that tells me you continued to tread water and got through the waves, well done.

Well in 44 years there have been waves I never thought I could come through, times when I thought I would drown. Situations where I would ask out loud what on earth did I do to deserve this. As a result of feeling so hopeless, I went in to self pity, poor me. Then BANG,

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Got to lurve a Friday….

I used to LOVE Friday’s… the last day of the 5 days 9-5 week…..yeaaaaa 2 days off. How much could I do in that time? Or should I do nothing? Or should I go for a good old drink because I can have a hangover?!!


Here I am Friday morning, on the beach having latte. If you had said a year ago this would be my life I would have laughed and said “I wish”.

The only thing that changed was my mind. I was not prepared to get up at 5am, run around like a headless chicken, get ready for work, walk the dog, take the kids to school, get to work and repeat for 5 days a week. SO, something had to change.

I kept my ears and eyes wide open for an opportunity that could change my life. I prayed for something to come to me and it did. Here is the thing, we are slapped in the face everyday with opportunities but sometimes our ears are just not listening.

Well I am very grateful I listened and took the leap of faith, so I can sit here with my coffee on the beach at 9am on a Friday morning and type this to you from Costa Rica.

Happy Friday

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Get back on the horse….

I Jumped out of bed on this fine pre-birthday morning at 6.30am like a teenager!! Whipping on my bikini and rash vest and headed to the beach with my beautiful girl to catch some of the crazy Costa Rica waves.

Holly, my youngest Daughter here in the picture is a complete natural. Jumping on the board for the first time she rode a wave like it was a walk in the park.

I don’t know about you but I’m really fond of beaches. Especially of wavy ones! Like this one, surrounded by palm trees, white sands and waves that the best surfers in the World would enjoy… BUT for a long time I stayed in the shore end!!

Like I said I love the waves but I know my wave limits and up to recently when they were crashing over my head I swam like I was being chased back to the safe sands!

And I will tell you why…. Several years ago in Newquay UK I was laughing and super proud of myself being on top of a wave and then BOOM…. I flipped under, the washing machine waves tossed me all the way in-shore, it felt like 10 minutes, actually I wasn’t sure I was going to get up.

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Seriously have a word!

Ok it wasn’t called that but Rachel the Author of Girl, Wash Your Face is in the nicest possible way of saying just that!

Probably one of the best audio books I have listened too. A teacher once said to me “Honesty is the best policy” and Rachel takes this to another level!

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A little white lie…

For years when my children asked how old I was on my birthday I told a little white lie “I am 21”. The little white lie became apparant to my youngest Daughter ‘Holly’ when my eldest Daughter ‘Shannon’ reached 21 herself…How can Mum and Shannon be the same age!!

Age is a number but it really is an attitude. If I can give you 4 tips on how I stay feeling awesome it would be these.

1) Stay Active
2) Keep positive
3) Remember you are what you eat
4) Take time out for yourself

The healthier you can feel physically, the happier you can live mentally. Take notice and appreciate all of the little things in life. Make goals and a plan how to get there. Eat good colourful foods. Drink lots of water.

Whether you have children or not, adults are notorious for putting the needs of others before themselves.
To be the best version of yourself for you, it’s important to designate regular time in your life that’s dedicated to refueling and reinvigorating your mind, body and soul.

Make it a point in this new month to take the time to focus on ways to invest in your mind and body’s health and wellness.

A great free global platform is ‘meet up’ a place where you can join in with like minded people to help you to your goals.

Health is not valued until sickness hits in, so look after yourself.

Happy October 1st

Kerry x

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Say hello…..

As a “work-from-home” entrepreneur, I find it’s crucial to get out of the house every once in a while.

Getting around other entrepreneurs isn’t always easy, especially living in a jungle!

But thank the lord for the internet. A good old zoom across the globe is perfect, daily catch ups with my business partners always sharpens the axe, ready for another fine day in the office!

Remember to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs if you work from home, we may provide different services or products but we are all in the same boat.

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Feet First

Being a single Mum I was so sick and tired at being owned by the ‘BOSS’ I wanted to own my life, set my own rules, work my own hours, be there for the kids, earn enough money so I could stop saying “no” to the small things that I so longed for the kids to have.

To give you an idea, I had just moved into a small 3 bedroom first floor apartment with my 2 children, working full time, and my budget book was my best friend!

Everything was run by that book; my rent was a $300 every 2 week. I had to budget for food, bills, birthdays, school trips, uniforms and much more. Things were very tight.

I took a BIG breath 15 months ago and jumped away from security, or the comfort zone as I like to call it, in order to achieve better things. Since then I have reinvented myself, my goals and visions, my lifestyle, my business, my teams, even my LOVE life!

As the saying goes “if it’s meant to be its up to me”

The journey I have been on in those little 15 months hasn’t been easy

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The reality is…..

This is the Costa Rica they sell to you….Reality……It is NOT.

Here is a video on my page….
The real Costa Rica

Reality….it is a 3rd World Country.

Behind the blinkers of any 3rd World Country resort lives the real people.

I was so shocked to hear the average wage is $100 a month. Yet the prices for rent a month is average $4,000! food is crazy high, petrol is about the same as the US. Everything are sky high apart from the wages!

The locals live in shanty homes that most wouldnt see fit to storing your bike…

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Cut The Cord…..

Imagine spending time trying stab people in the back?

Time is money…. There are a few people that spend a lot of money/time doing just that…. for what????

One thing in life is that not everyone will celebrate success with you……Your happiness can turn people into green eyed monsters!

I have seen it time over time in School

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Being a Parent

When my children were new-born, I held them in my arms and felt a sudden overwhelm of love and fear. If you are parent I am sure you will relate.

Love- The space left in my stomach was replaced with a bubble of happiness and excitement.

Fear – What if I can’t, what if I screw up, what if I can’t change a nappy!!

I know there had been 9 months to get to grips, but until you have those tiny fingers wrapped around yours you realise that this little bundle is dependent on you for the foreseeable future, maybe forever!

Fast forwarding 22 years since my first beauty was born the love or worry is no less!

Kids growing up is the best and worst thing.

The empathy you feel as your children try to figure out

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Have some RESPECT….

Have some RESPECT….

One big error in business is wanting something more for someone than they want for themselves.

I tell you this because I have made this mistake time and time again… about learn from your mistakes!!

I have paid for people to join my business…. say what??
YES, I did, maybe for their starter packs required or their joining fee…silly, silly.

I have tried persuasion, messages, calling oh my goodness………


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Never Give Up

I know it sounds a little out there but hear me out on this one. I don’t know if you’ve heard this story about the Chinese Bamboo Tree before now but this is one of those lessons that really sticks with you.

The Chinese Bamboo Tree teaches us success lessons on patience, faith, perseverance, growth & development and most surprising of all human potential….

Like any plant, growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, sunshine. In its first year, we see no visible signs of activity. In the second year, again, no growth above the soil. The third, the fourth, still nothing. Our patience is tested and we begin to wonder if our efforts (caring, water, etc.) will ever be rewarded.

And finally

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❤ The Secret ❤

So yesterday I was taught by a Tico – meaning local man, the secret to a long healthy life. 👌

They recently held a convention for elderly people, over 250 turned up. They were asked to announce their age, one lady stands up, she is 112 years old…..yes you read correctly, a 112-year-old stood up, at the convention. 👊

She was asked “Could you give us an insight into a normal day for you?”

She starts with this…..

“Well I get up at 5am and make the tortillas”

The man at the front of the convention interrupted and said “hold on, can’t someone else do that for you?”

She said…
“No absolutely not, this is my job and I like to have purpose, it makes me happy.” 🙂

The other 2 secrets to her long healthy life was……Eating from her land, fresh produce and not from the processed foods in the shops. 🍍🍌🍋🍅🍓

She also ensures she moves a lot, her body I mean, not Countries!
Daily exercise keeps her healthy.

So, in a nutshell do 3 things….

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Different ways you can earn money

🤔 Did you know that there are different ways you can earn money? 😮

And no, I don’t mean working different jobs. I mean there are different types of income.

Let me explain…


This is the one we’re all taught from a young age; the one our parents taught us: Go to school, get a good job, work for the rest of your life. Here, you trade hours for dollars. The moment you stop trading your time AKA your life, you stop getting paid.

The biggest drawbacks with this type of income is you pay the highest taxes, somebody tells you how much you’re worth, somebody tells you what you can and can’t do, and there’s only so many hours in a day, so your income, through no fault of your own, is capped.

Most of us make money this way.

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I’m defo a piglet!

My mind-set each morning after affirmations is ‘I wonder what exciting things are going to happen’ and then the Universe delivers a great day!

This is a short but sweet post as I am heading to the beach. But after another exciting zoom this morning across the water another beautiful lady registered to improve not only her life but others too financially joining the thousands that have already taken the jump.

It’s not easy to find something I am comfortable with. I have been burnt in the past from companies that change the goal post, change the compensation plan, haven’t paid, or worse still BAD Management, so the idea that the company maybe intending and promoting that they would deliver never came to fruition.

When joining any business, it is important to me that the Company deliver what they say they will. Don’t get me wrong I have owned my own Companies so I know it’s not all rainbows and butterfly’s. Things crop up that were not expected and create issues, but realistically if there is a good history on management and the idea is achievable I take a look.

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One of many things I have learnt in business is that you can talk people out of an opportunity by saying too much! Open your ears and eyes and shut your mouth!!!

How many times have you got over excited and just basically threw up all over your friends or anyone that took a tiny interest in your new business, if they are polite they make out they are interested, others make an excuse to get away! They probably were just being polite to ask in the first place! Now you have verbal diarrhea!!

How about someone asks how the business is going and you simply say yes really great, I am super busy so I have opened a non interactive info group, can I add you to take a look? Very few will say no! Then you can continue a normal conversation.

So how do you create an info group? Let’s take this as an example.

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31,000 air miles and still going….

Working online and from anywhere has been taken to a new level this year for me in fact over 31,000 miles around the World and still going!!!

Costa Rica

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you live, YOU create your opportunities by asking for them.

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Dyslexic Sceptic To Owning My Own Life

I had so many jobs growing up, my children laugh at me when I tell them where I have worked, they say “tell us where you haven’t worked it will take less time”!!

It’s true, because I was good at being an employee. I always did the best job, always proud of my work BUT there was an issue – being told what to do, it doesn’t really sit well with me!

Both my parents were employed with great work ethics so I did not understand the reality of being the Boss and opening my own business. Until I did. In all honesty, I am glad I didn’t know what it entailed otherwise I may never have done it! One thing I learnt very quickly is no one will ever love your conventional business as much as you do.

So, what is the alternative?

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Action Your Dreams

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn

Is now is the right time to take some action to build your purpose and dreams?