Being a Parent

When my children were new-born, I held them in my arms and felt a sudden overwhelm of love and fear. If you are parent I am sure you will relate.

Love- The space left in my stomach was replaced with a bubble of happiness and excitement.

Fear – What if I can’t, what if I screw up, what if I can’t change a nappy!!

I know there had been 9 months to get to grips, but until you have those tiny fingers wrapped around yours you realise that this little bundle is dependent on you for the foreseeable future, maybe forever!

Fast forwarding 22 years since my first beauty was born the love or worry is no less!

Kids growing up is the best and worst thing.

The empathy you feel as your children try to figure out their life and learn hard lessons.

Sometimes you know as a parent you need to step back and let them fight their own battles, but it can be heartbreaking. The questioning yourself whether or not you’ve done enough, taught enough, supported enough, pushed enough, that adds another whole dimension to it.

At the same time, watching your children growing up is so beautiful it takes my breath away.

I know I didn’t do everything as Nanny Mcphee or Mary Poppins maybe would have, but nothing can match the pride of seeing the years of support and love bloom all them into independent, funny, strong, kind, caring humans.

Kids growing up. It truly is the best and the worst thing.

Respect to all the awesome parents out there, its the hardest job of them all!

Much love Kerry x

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