Dyslexic Sceptic To Owning My Own Life

I had so many jobs growing up, my children laugh at me when I tell them where I have worked, they say “tell us where you haven’t worked it will take less time”!!

It’s true, because I was good at being an employee. I always did the best job, always proud of my work BUT there was an issue – being told what to do, it doesn’t really sit well with me!

Both my parents were employed with great work ethics so I did not understand the reality of being the Boss and opening my own business. Until I did. In all honesty, I am glad I didn’t know what it entailed otherwise I may never have done it! One thing I learnt very quickly is no one will ever love your conventional business as much as you do.

So, what is the alternative? I sucked at being employed and being the conventional business Boss is cool if you are happy to work 100 hours a week trading time for money. Even when you are not at work, you are really! I was blessed with my staff, they say you attract your tribe, well they were awesome! However…

I am grateful to have been guided straight into my passion without even knowing! Yes, I am blonde and show it on many occasions! This being one of them. I was part of network marketing, multi-level marketing company whatever you wish to call it for about 3 months before I even knew I was!

I was loving a product, selling it to my clients in salon and being paid very nicely from the company to do so, then one day……a phone call changed everything……. A random guy who was apparently in my up line, who had been watching my success, told me I should go to an event. Well I had been to plenty of Hair & Beauty conventions so this was probably not much different……. WOW. Yes, it was!

👍 I soon learnt how everyone I work with can love my business as much as me.
👍 Everyone can have pay rises the harder they work.
👍 Everyone can have as many holidays as they liked without asking my permission!
👍 I didn’t have to pay maternity pay anymore!
👍 If I decided not to turn up to work I was still paid.
👍 There is no limit in how many I can help earn money.
👍 No one needed years of college graduation qualifications.

This was nuts and the start of my successful career in the network marketing world I love very much. The world that is mostly misunderstood as a pyramid…. you know the one that the guy at the top earns the most? YES, like every conventional business! Actually, like my salon really!

Over the years I have worked within a few different networking companies for different reasons and wouldn’t take back or change a thing. In failures, I learnt lessons and in success I learnt a blue print and more skills.

In any new job, there are skills to learn and in our company, we teach the skills and offer the knowledge to earn any income you wish to earn and if you wish you can travel the world whilst earning! Double bonus!

Never a truer word said, if you don’t build your own dreams someone will hire you to build theirs! I used to be that person that had staff building my dream, now I help build theirs.

If your passion is like mine and you thrive on seeing people win, you need to be diverting over into my world.  Even if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, having purpose of helping others, on top of the financial and time freedom that network marketing brings gives you the whole package of what we call LIVING 👍

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