I’m defo a piglet!

My mind-set each morning after affirmations is ‘I wonder what exciting things are going to happen’ and then the Universe delivers a great day!

This is a short but sweet post as I am heading to the beach. But after another exciting zoom this morning across the water another beautiful lady registered to improve not only her life but others too financially joining the thousands that have already taken the jump.

It’s not easy to find something I am comfortable with. I have been burnt in the past from companies that change the goal post, change the compensation plan, haven’t paid, or worse still BAD Management, so the idea that the company maybe intending and promoting that they would deliver never came to fruition.

When joining any business, it is important to me that the Company deliver what they say they will. Don’t get me wrong I have owned my own Companies so I know it’s not all rainbows and butterfly’s. Things crop up that were not expected and create issues, but realistically if there is a good history on management and the idea is achievable I take a look.

So, researching the companies I decide to align myself with these days is few and far between. Research is done to my best ability and I would NEVER promote anything to friends and family that I haven’t been involved in for a while first. Then I connect all over the World with ladies like this morning to get them started on their journey.

So, my message to you today is DREAM BIG, wonder what exciting things are going to happen TODAY, and do your RESEARCH before deciding on a company to spend your valuable time building.

Have a great day
Kerry x


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