So my name is Kerry and this is my first blog!!!

I have asked many people what kind of blogs do you like to read, the common answer is just ‘real people’ blogs so that exactly how I am going to write my blogs, this one will be slightly longer as its my first, I suppose taking you from the beginning to now I might need to write a book not alone a blog!! So I will try to keep in it a nut shell even though I talk for Britain!

So talking of Britain let’s start there. I lived most of my life there, bought up as 1 of 3 girls, poor Dad! I never liked to conform to the normal, I have always disliked the word NO and really detested being told what to do! With that in mind I wanted to join the Navy, how crazy was I, I hated to be told what to do!

Thankfully the career officer had my back and discouraged me from that and recommended Beauty College, so I took myself there completed 2 years and went to my first JOB. The boss was, let’s say unstable in moods. Our day was predicted by her moods, always waiting to see a smile in hope that it was a good day! I didn’t last long, as soon as I had the opportunity to get out I did. So I went from one job to the next, my children laugh and say “is there any job’s you haven’t done” hahaha not many I would say!

I realised in adulthood I was clearly dyslexic. So you will see spelling errors and grammatical errors, she please don’t judge me! Trust me if never stopped me from achieving, it just made me more determined.

I always tried really hard at school to please, not only my parents but the teachers, so I did try hard at my subjects but was always ‘average’ my best friend throughout school Nikki always achieved and was super clever, so was slightly demoralising that I would always get a couple of grades less, even though I put the work in.

The truth as I know it now, I was never going to be a brain surgeon! So as long as I was able to communicate, help people and keep a flare of likeability I could conquer the World!!

After a ridiculous amount of job’s, which I might add I had a ball in them all! I felt it was time to be brave and go out on my own. So with the help of my family I opened my first business. Wow was I in for a ride, knowing nothing about business I was 27 it was a great learning curve but I LOVED it.

Ok lets cut this short, within my conventional business, I found Network Marketing. I went on to sell the conventional business and give myself back the time freedom I was craving. Time with my children as I had missed 14 years precious time, parent meetings, sports days, dinner times, holiday and much more. Time to make it up!

This in turn bought me to Australia where I have lived for nearly 2 years, in the hottest muggiest most beautiful places on earth the Northern Territory. God certainly gave a lot of beauty when he dished out the humidity!

To date I have worked 4 different MLM companies. I did very well in them all but there was just something else, I knew it and I found it! I love what I do, I help people everyday to change their life, what better job can you give apart from life itself? Time, health and financial freedom is my ultimate goal for everyone and I love love love what I do and help others to do the same as me.

So that brings me to today, the day after Halloween. November the 1st where massive changes are happening within my life and business, every day I pinch myself just encase I am dreaming, pinching yourself everyday for 6 months is pretty excessive I know but I feel content, excited and so incredibly grateful for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Kerry Stockton-Benn

Action Your Dreams

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn

Is now is the right time to take some action to build your purpose and dreams?