I’m not holding back here, this is Kerry after 2 sips of red wine on a Saturday night on a mission to get my message out there!

Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, absent, present, past, rude, kind, fakers, users, ex’s, sincerity, moles, true friends, love…..
THANK YOU to you all.

Without your experience in my life, things could have panned out to be different! At times I wish some of the experiences had been different, but as I sit here 2 sips in, I’m soooooo incredibly grateful for all of you.

For all you did or continue to do in my life helps me sort those people I wish to be surrounded with and you made me the person I am today.

Maybe one of these will relate to you?….

Thank you for always being there, I want to be just like you
Thank you for your absence, I never want to be like you
Thank you for using me, it didn’t feel nice, I will never duplicate that
Thank you for calling me when it mattered and your continued love and support
Thanks for jumping ship as quick as you swam to it, I know to stear fast in the opposite direction next time!
Thank you for dissapearing when the going got tough. I will never do that
Thank you for showing me real integrity
Thank you for allowing me to sort friends from well….I will be a true friend
Thank you for everything you are you are so special, that is the legacy I want to leave

Am I giving you the jist here?????????

Let’s keep this short and sweet on this fine Saturday evening.

You will meet a lot of different people throughout your life, some people you will be thrown together with, some you will attract or be attracted to. BUT just know everysingle one, regardless if you like it or not, you are meant to meet.

Its up to you how they infuence or sculpt the person you are right now.

Treat people how you wish to be treated, because Karma will reward you appropriately.


Have a happy healthy day 😊

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