The reality is…..

This is the Costa Rica they sell to you….Reality……It is NOT.

Here is a video on my page….
The real Costa Rica

Reality….it is a 3rd World Country.

Behind the blinkers of any 3rd World Country resort lives the real people.

I was so shocked to hear the average wage is $100 a month. Yet the prices for rent a month is average $4,000! food is crazy high, petrol is about the same as the US. Everything are sky high apart from the wages!

The locals live in shanty homes that most wouldnt see fit to storing your bike…but amongst the chaos, the chickens, the wood rotten shed like structure they seem to always be smiling!

A man today was riding a bike, his saddle was a stuffed potato bag, lop sided and trust me it didn’t look like a comfy ride!…But he still said hello as he went by and smiled.

The roads are just horrific! Holly and I had to go over a bridge (if thats what you can call it) on the quad today with just an inch each side of the tyres spare!! I was in complete panic! Holly drove very well I must say!

(Video will be on my page) Watch the scary video!

The reason we had to was because the river was high and that was the only way across.
But you know what, places like this are so unique and so unspoilt.

A true paradise outside what we are sold. Happiness here is so much more than things.

The beaches are not full of people selling you stuff or charging you to sit on their sand!

How many times did someone smile at you today?
I can tell you honestly, not one person here looked at Holly and I and didnt smile.

What I would say is If you go abroad this year, branch out and see what is outside the bubble.

Buy from local people and you will never struggle to think of something to be grateful for again.


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