The Ugly Truth

Probably the hardest thing to blog is the very thing that make you feel vulnerable!

Today is probably a great day to open the vulnerability book! Why today? Because this is the day after our Australian Christmas Day, yes on the 2nd December! And this reason for the mega early celebrations is because after 20 years of marriage we now have a split family.

So not to bore you with the nitty gritties just over a year ago a hard decision was made between myself and my husband to separate. After years of trying to relight the flame, going to Relate saying those words “I will try and change” we realised that it wasn’t our place to try and change each-other, and in order for us to both be happy we should be brave and go our separate ways.

It’s not been easy for either of us and not forgetting the most important little people we bought into the World ‘Our beautiful Children’ But its made me STRONGER.

I am truly grateful we have a very amicable relationship and able to celebrate Christmas as a Family unit. For the ‘real’ Christmas myself and the children are heading back to the UK to spend it with my side of the family and friends.

So WHY did I wear my heart on my sleeve in today’s blog?
Because my wise Sister Claire has always said to me “The Universe always rewards the brave”. And it does!

If I can give anyone any kind of advice, BE HAPPY. Even if it means you will go through some struggles.

In order for things to change, you have to change something, so BE BRAVE take the leap of FAITH 😊

Action Your Dreams

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn

Is now is the right time to take some action to build your purpose and dreams?