One of many things I have learnt in business is that you can talk people out of an opportunity by saying too much! Open your ears and eyes and shut your mouth!!!

How many times have you got over excited and just basically threw up all over your friends or anyone that took a tiny interest in your new business, if they are polite they make out they are interested, others make an excuse to get away! They probably were just being polite to ask in the first place! Now you have verbal diarrhea!!

How about someone asks how the business is going and you simply say yes really great, I am super busy so I have opened a non interactive info group, can I add you to take a look? Very few will say no! Then you can continue a normal conversation.

So how do you create an info group? Let’s take this as an example.

10 SIMPLE posts 1-10 with a relevant picture to that post.
1 – Welcome post
2- Who are we
3 – How you make money
4 – The mission of the company
5 – When and how you get paid
6 – What support is available
7 – How does the company generate the money
8 – The compensation plan
9 – Testimonials
10 -How to get started

Like I said this is an example, bespoke it to your customers.

Ensure you turn off commenting as it is just an information group, you don’t want potentials phones pinging every 5 minutes! Remember some just want to know just specific things ie. HOW they get paid, maybe not all the great things of the company you would have previously thrown up all over them!

I do this with my opportunities and it enables anyone that is interested to take a look through and find the answers they are actually looking for.

Another bonus every time you tag a new person into your group the others that were previously tagged will be notified. This could be the reminder of the opportunity they needed that day to take a closer look.

Happy Saturday x

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