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Why Work With Me?

“Success leaves clues”. I never really understood what that meant until further into my entrepreneurial journey. I can assure you that learning and copying those that have succeeded, is a lot easier than trying to re-invent the wheel!

As a highly motivated female entrepreneur, I now strive to help others have the time and financial freedom that I enjoy. I have a HUGE mission to empower as many Men and Women as I can to help them create the life they dream about.

You need to believe me when I say that I would not be qualified to do any of this, had my journey of earlier years not thrown me face first into constant brick walls!

I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 1992 and years later I opened my first salon. I had absolutely no idea what it took to build a business! ACTION was the secret to my success, as were the failures! I discovered at a very young age that I struggled working for someone else. It was evident that I did not like being told what to do!

So I took the plunge, jumped feet first into the world of being my own boss. As you may imagine…it was daunting. I opened the doors and for the first few days, nothing but the tumble weed blew in but then one by one, clients started to trickle in. In the coming weeks they flowed in and within months were pouring in and my business grew and grew, ultimately employing over 70 wonderful team members over the period of 14 years.

During these years in this conventional, retail business, my team and I gained many awards, including Best Business and Best Employer. However, there was a flip side to what sounds like a great success story. We do not always control everything and I had to ride the recession storms that hit the Country as a whole.

With the focus, determination and love of the success came the lack of time freedom. With 3 children at school I exchanged time for money…a massive mistake and something I will never do again.

So a dramatic change was needed. I re-evaluated my priorities, made a complete shift in my focus and for the last 5 years, I have been working from from home connected to business partners all over the World, building teams a thousands of like minded people. Time and financial freedom should never be under valued. The luxury of choosing from where and when you wish to work and for how long is something that that most people can only dream of.  I would love to show you how it has been achieved.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to control your life? Are you all set to reach great heights of success in your financial life? If so, you are at the right place at the right time. 

Action Your Dreams

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn

Is now is the right time to take some action to build your purpose and dreams?